DECORATION: Fani Metals launches ladder towel carriers on Horus Line 450

Far beyond functionality: accessory stands out as an object of desire in the décor


More than fulfilling a mere function, the current context of living calls for a greater contribution from the elements that make up the environments. Leaving everything organized at your fingertips is the main task of towel carriers, but is it possible to do this in a different way, with a piece that can be seen as an object of desire in the décor?


For 36 years transforming environments, Fani Metais e Acessórios presents its newest model of towel carriers, now in the Escada version, which reinforces the mix of one of the most complete lines of the brand, the Horus 450, with a design that adds sophistication and practicality to bathrooms and bathrooms.


Structured in metalon tubes made of carbon steel and galvanized with electrostatic paint, the novelty is supported by two long circular bars of 1.60 meters high vertically and four bars for support with 40 cm in length horizontally, which allows to organize towels of different sizes in the available spacings.


The feet of the new towel rack have flexible PVC covers, an attribute that in addition to providing better finishing, also prevents the ends of the product from ending up scratching the support place, that is, the floor and walls.


The stainless piece ensures the ideal balance between firm support and the lightness of the product, supporting up to 8kg of towels on it, yet it can be easily relocated in the environment according to taste and need for bathroom space.


Available in matte black finish, the Escada 2500 BK450 Towel Carrier is a good choice for projects that seek to add more personality and daring, especially in those where elements of industrial and urban styles stand out.


About Fani Metais

For more than three decades working in the segment of metals and accessories for bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, service area and outdoor areas, Fani has built a history of persistence, dedication, respect for the consumer and the environment. With its own industrial park, foundry and two warehouses for stock, the company has more than 25,000 m² of production and 300 employees. Present throughout Brazil, Fani has more than 50 product lines focused on quality, technology and innovative design. Its portfolio ranges from the most popular profiles to high luxury, adding comfort, safety and sophistication. Always valuing the best service and relationship with its customers, Fani has the shortest delivery time in the market.


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